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Internet is an interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world using TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) in transmitting and receiving digital information. It is useful for all people around the world as it provides information, communication, fun, and education.

We use the Internet for directions, maps, to locate a business, know more about a business or transact a business. Others use it for games, entertainment, shopping or comparing prices, or for research and data gathering. 

You can find and gather plenty of information on the internet. In fact, anything and everything that exist in this world can probably be found on the internet. It can also be accessed by anyone, almost anywhere through dial-up, landline broadband, Wi-Fi, satellite, mobile internet devices, and 3G/4G technology cell phones. Public libraries and internet cafes are just some of the public places where computers with internet connections are available.

Other public places like the airport halls and coffee shops have internet access points where people can connect briefly whilst standing. Most hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants today have Wi-Fi that allows would-be users to connect to the internet through wireless access by using their personal wireless-enables devices such as their laptop, PDA, android cell phone or tablet. These places are commonly called hotspots. Hotspots are not limited to a specific location as wireless access to internet may be enabled to a whole campus, park or even an entire city. Said access could be free to all or free to customers only, while some are fee-based. 

The internet is very important to everyone because it provides global information that are quite useful in business, school and even the personal life. The great thing is access to this kind of information is free and you can do it at your own convenient time. It makes access to educational information at various levels, from pre-school to post-doctoral, easier. Hence, it makes formal and informal education affordable and available to all people.

The internet is also a great tool and a convenient way to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. It makes communication easier and more affordable, too. It allows us to stay in touch with anyone around the globe through chat, instant messaging, email, or social network sites. Because of the internet, messages can be exchanged more quickly and some systems or applications even allow conference chats, calls, voice chats, and video calls.

It is very clear that the internet plays a very important role in our lives and has made a big impact on the lives of everyone using it. We use it to access news, weather and news reports, to plan and book vacations and to get updates on the worldwide stocks and currencies. It provides information that is updated every second for 24 hours a day and allows you to get connected with someone who is in another place, even as far as halfway across the world, with just a click of the mouse. There’s no doubt that majority of the people will struggle if the internet would disappear tomorrow.  How about you?

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